Destination Weddings & Elopement Events :: Allegan, Michigan B&B

From imagining to implementing, we’re in the thick of our wedding season here at Castle in the Country.  Every day we’re immersed in all the checklist details of flower selection, ceremony location choices, decoration planning and menu planning.  Then there’s the scheduling with our wonderful officiants and making sure everyone knows where they are to be and when they are to be there.  And, on the magical night before the event, our “Cake Fairy”, Shirley delivers her beautiful creation and all is ready.

Just like a fairy tale come true, we pin the boutonniere on the handsome groom, place the hand-tied bouquet in the hands of the princess-like bride and we’re off to “the most beautiful ceremony ever” on the gazebo deck or under the stained glass arch or wherever this bride and groom want to say their “I Do’s”.  The rings, the kisses, the vows and the tears of joy all mingle together with the birdsong and the frog chorus who cheer them on and it’s another wedding at Castle in the Country.

As the photographer for our Wedding Packages, I get an awesome opportunity to interact with just the bride and groom as we quickly crisscross the property to chase down shady spots for just the right lighting or as I pose them in some of my “signature” spots where they are King and Queen for today at their Castle.  Inspiring Happily ever afters is what we’re all about here, but every time we host a wedding, I get inspired.

Thanks to all our June Brides and Grooms for being altogether lovely and letting us be a part of your incredible love story- your very own Fairy tale come true.