A Winter Weekend at the Castle in Michigan

A Winter Weekend Getaway in Michigan

PicRomantic Southwest Michigan Winter Getwayture yourself waking up next to your special someone in a beautiful, comfy king size bed. You get out of bed, slip on a luxurious robe and open up the blinds. Your floor to ceiling view overlooking the pond and gazebo is breathtaking. You start the Keurig coffee machine, and wait for your coffee to brew. As you’re waiting, you step into the private bathroom to freshen up. Your special someone starts up the fireplace, hands you your coffee and starts their own. The ambiance is peaceful and so serene. You begin smelling wonderful scents of homemade quiche and bacon from the downstairs kitchen. You both get dressed, and make your way to the common area for breakfast.

You sit down at a table for two by the window with a similar view as your room. By now all the birds are flocking to the bird feeders, a white tailed deer is walking around the outskirts of the pond, and black squirrels are chasing each other aAllegan, Michigan Bed and Breakfastround the grounds. Breakfast is served. With homemade cream cheese cinnamon rolls to start, you’re in no rush but you’re content to enjoy your meal with the fireplace in the background and the amazing view to your side. As the savory quiche and smoked bacon make their way to your table, your mouth is watering! While enjoying your wonderful company, the view and conversations with the owner or innkeeper, you figure out your plans for the day.

Couples Massage in MichiganYou’ve treated your special someone to the Royal Treatment package. Following breakfast, you’re greeted by two massage therapists in the lobby. You follow them to the secluded wing of the Castle Keep into a calming and quiet spa room. The room is set up with two massage beds, perfect for an intimate couples massage. For an hour, the massage therapists soothe and relax the both of you, asking if you have any high tension spots or sore muscles, carefully taking note of all of your comments. As the massage comes to a close, they both leave the room to gather your water. You both re-dress and are greeted with your ice water and a stuffed picnic basket. Winter Activities in Michigan

Your picnic basket is filled with a loaf of homemade sour dough bread the Chef baked fresh this morning,with butters and jams for spreads. It also includes meats, cheeses, crackers, fresh fruit, and chips.   Everything was spot on for the perfect picnic but your favorite was the fresh out of the oven, double chocolate chip cookies. You also requested your wine to be white. It is a Lakeshore White from Fennvalley Winery right up the road on M-89 in Fennville. You bundle up and take your basket out to the gazebo overlooking the pond, and enjoy the wonderful weather and lunch.Michigan Bed and Breakfast jacuzzi tubs

After you drop off your basket, you head up to your room on the second floor and your room is tidied before your return. The bed is made, your coffee station restocked, and fresh glassware put out to restart your day fresh and new. You turn on your whirlpool jetted tub, turn on the fireplace and pop in a movie you found from the Armoire in the downstairs common area. After relaxing with your special someone for a few hours, you’re eager to get to venture through the property. You peak outside and snow is gently falling, and head on out. You grab the snow shoes and make your way through the walking trails. It’s a beautiful winter day and a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors with someone you love. As you walk further back, you arrive at Lake Emerson and shoot a few photos of the snow covered trees on the edge of the lake. You make your way back up to the Castle Keep only to realize that you’ve made it just in time to freshen up and get ready for dinner.  When you checked in your Innkeeper suggested you download their handy mobile app so you have everything you need for directions, menus, etc..

As you drive through the little town of Fennville, you see the Salt of the Earth sign on the left side of the road and find a parking space. As your reservation is for 6pm, you let the hostess know you’re there, and she acknowledges you’re from Castle in the Country. You head to the bar for a cocktail for the two of you as your table is almost ready. The wine and beer are all from Michigan and the mixed drinks are fantastic. Your innkeeper has mentioned this venue has been on the Food Network and the bartender won an award for his signature mixed drink. This venue is a Castle in the Country favorite. As you’re seated, you immediately order the aged cheddar pierogies per Ruth, the owner’s, suggestion. While ordering your food, you notice pizzas are also coming out of the kitchen, and you read into the venue a bit more on the menu seeing that they have a wood fired oven. You both order your entrees along with some bread and not too long after receive your pierogies. Delicious! You finish your meal and are completely impressed with Salt of the Earth, the staff is friendly and the food is phenomenal. Michigan Winter Getaway

As you make your way back to the bed and breakfast, you turn a curve on M-40 and a beautiful blue Victorian home straight ahead. Every window has a glowing candle, the porch is lit up, and the homey glow of lights on the inside encourage you back. As you turn in, you drive down the path towards the second building and park. Your loved one grabs a fresh chocolate chip cookie, pops some popcorn, and you both call it a night.

By 9:3Winter Special - Michigan Weekend Getaway0am the next morning, you’re greeted with a gentle knock on the door. As you open the door, you see your breakfast on a tray. You bring it into the room and enjoy the final part of your Royal Treatment package. Everything was delicious as it was the day before with fresh scones, Royal eggs, link sausage, red potato hash and even a unique “homemade Tomato Jam”.

Sadly, your winter couples getaway  has come to an end but, you’re hoping the Innkeeper will remind you about the name of that winery you passed on the way in for a special last minute stop on the way home. After being greeted and thanked by your innkeeper, you’re headed home, but the memory of this amazing adventure at Castle in the Country is one you promise each other you want to repeat…and soon! As you drive away, you’re both thinking of all the other rooms you could stay in! The Camelot suite on the first floor with the large bathroom you could pretty much stay in all weekend; The Kingdom suite in the Castle with a wood-burning fireplace and recliner chairs.  You’ll add the Celebration Package next time when you come back in the Spring for your Anniversary or maybe as a birthday surprise in the summer.

You wonder as you jump on the highway, if you should keep checking the specials that Castle in the Country has to offer; you never know how long they’ll last but you both agree that you are worth it no matter what the price! What a wonderful way to say ‘I Love You’ with a weekend romantic getaway or even when you have no reason at all but just need to prove to yourselves that life is good.  You talk about Mom and Dad and how much they would love this place and did you see a gift certificate option?  That would make a great gift for them or you to use for a later stay! You “Like” Castle in the Country’s Facebook page and notice an upcoming Facebook  Contest (end of January, 2016) and dare to dream that you may be the lucky couple to Win a FREE night’s stay!  You’re glad you found this hidden countryside treasure to get away from the hustle and bustle at home. Can’t wait until next time!  Can’t wait to plan your next getaway…your “light at the end of the tunnel” to remind yourselves how much you love doing life together!