Holland’s Hope Summer Repertory Theater, Live Theater in MI

Live Theaters in Michigan Located a scenic 30 minutes drive from Holland, Castle in the Country is the perfect summer getaway destination, especially if you’re planning on seeing a show one evening of your stay. We always suggest a wonderful selection of restaurants located on your way from here to Holland. After spending a relaxing day with us on our 65 acre land of enchantment, head back to your room, get ready for the night on the town and we’ll lead the way!

Hope Summer Repertory Theatre (HSRT) is located in Holland, MI either on the campus of Hope College or nearby downtown Holland. This is the theater’s 44th year of entertaining both locals and tourists with a rotating schedule of live performances including professional and amateur actors. Because of the variety of shows and events Hope College produces, there are three venues and over 100 men, women and children involved in the theater company. Each of the three theaters hosts 7 shows in rotation every summer. Whether you’d like to enjoy musicals or plays, they offer it all for your enjoyment at their live theater in Michigan.  Please visit the HSRT website linked here to purchase Tickets.

Download our app to your smart device here —> for directions and restaurant suggestions or take our recommendations here:  Head north on M-40 after leaving the Castle, take a left on M-89 and stop at a small town called Fennville. On the left hand side, you’ll see a local, farm-fresh restaurant called Salt of the Earth. Because they open at 5pm, it’s the perfect spot to grab dinner, take your time, and still make it to the show.  Or, if you want to dress up and spend a romantic evening in Holland instead, head to Butch’s Dry Dock. Enjoy a glass of wine or a Michigan craft beer with your fine dining dinner and walk to the venue you’ve selected.

Of the three locations of the HSRT, the Dewitt Theater is the main venue. It hosts the majority of the plays and musicals and can seat over 450 people. Located in the Dewitt Center, it is at the corner of Columbia and 12th. Listed below are the showings; because so many plays are being performed on a weekly basis, each title has a monthly time frame.

Les Miserables Show


8pm showings:

Les Miserables in June at the Dewitt Theater

To Kill A Mocking Bird, at the end of June, all of July, and beginning of August at the Dewitt Theater

Smokey Joe’s Cafe, 2nd half of July and beginning of August at the Dewitt Theater

Hay Fever, 2nd half of July and beginning of August at the Dewitt Theater


Knickerbocker Theater

“Kiss Me Kate.” at deWitt center, columbia ave. at 12th st., Holland
Press Photo/Delbridge Langdon jr

The Knickerbocker Theater is the oldest theater and has the largest amount of seating: 550 people. Located only a block away from Butch’s Dry Dock on 8th Street in Downtown Holland, this theater was built in 1911 and it is simply stunning. Although it has gone through a handful of different owners, Hope College has now taken it over for educational and entertainment purposes. Whether it be for lectures, speeches or films during the summer, the theater is a masterpiece. This summer the film series is all about Audrey Hepburn. Below are the times and dates of her films being shown at the theater:


Films begin promptly at 7:30pm

Breakfast at Tiffany’sJuly 20

Roman HolidayJuly 27

Funny FaceAugust 3

SabrinaAugust 10

Regardless if you want to see a play, a musical, or an old film, the HSRT will have it all! We, at Castle in the Country, recommend spending your romantic evening at a wonderful dinner and a fantastic show. It’s a great memory to take home with your loved one.