Myths of a Bed and Breakfast

Working at Castle in the Country has completely changed my perspective on the B&B industry.  Many in my age group (mid 20’s) would never consider a B&B because the first thing that comes to mind is “Grandma’s house” and being forced into small talk at a community breakfast table.  Boy were we wrong! Let me try to dispell a few of these myth’s for you.

 1) Myth: B&B’s have shared bathrooms.  Fact: It is much more common these days for B&B’s to have all private bathrooms. Each one of our ten guest rooms at Castle in the Country has its own private bath, stocked with luxurious bath products, and either a single person, or two person shower.   All of our suites also have2 person whirlpool tubs where you can watch your fireplace or watch a movie from your flat screen tv.

2) Myth: We have to share common space with the Innkeepers, and we’ll be forced into small talk, and we won’t have any privacy. Fact: While Ruth Herb and myself all live on property and we call these two big houses home, we do have our own private quarters in each house. We want our guests to feel that they have privacy and that they can come and go throughout the houses as they please. However, we are always here or around the property somewhere and are more than happy to talk should our guests want to.

3) Myth: We have to eat breakfast when the innkeepers tell us, and we’ll have to sit around a big table with all of the other guests.  Fact: In our kingdom you’re the King and Queen during your stay and you get to call the shots. All of our guests get to choose their breakfast time anywhere between 8:30-10:00 am and are served at individual tables for two in our Midnight Sky dining room.

4) Myth: There is a set menu, and if we don’t like what is being served we won’t get to eat.  Fact: While we do have a set menu, we are happy to work with any dietary concerns.  We post our entrées daily allowing our guests plenty of time to let us know if they have any concerns.  We have many different breakfast dishes that Herb prepares fresh each morning.

5) Myth The rooms will be decorated with floral wallpaper, and filled with antiques.    Fact: All ten of our guest rooms are painted in calm soothing colors, to make your stay as relaxing as possible. All of our rooms have TV/DVD players many of them flat screen TV’s.  We have free Wi-Fi throughout the entire inn, and most rooms have IPod docking stations.  While we do have some antique pieces in some of our rooms, we have paired all of those beautiful pieces with modern comforts of today.

If you’ve never stayed at a B&B before what are some questions that you have?  We would love to dispell some more myths!