Recipe Strawberry Coulis

Recipe for Fruit Coulis (pronounced Coolee)

Coulis is basically any sauce made from berries. We usually use strawberries, but raspberry coulis is the ‘red stuff’ that is often poured over cheesecake. Blackberries or blueberries also work well. It is OK to mix the berries into the same batch. This is pretty free-form, no exact quantities of anything. This is an excellent way of using fruit that is on its way out, if you know what I mean. The amount of sugar and whether you add lemon juice is up to your individual taste and the sweetness of the berries you have. Raspberries can be tart so they may need more sugar, for example. Lemon juice adds a little “brightness” (its the acid) that may be what is needed. This is basically a season to taste operation. My goal is to have the sauce taste exactly like the berries it was made from, so I don’t add a lot of sugar.
1) Fresh berries that are somewhat past their prime but not yet spoiled. Often, I will put the few remaining berries from a container into a ziploc freezer bag an let them accumulate in the freezer until I have a larger quantity to make a batch. Don’t use them if they are spoiled or moldy-too late.

2) Sugar-granulated
3) Fresh Lemon juice (maybe)
1) Sauce pan

2) Blender
3) Fine mesh screen. Not an open mesh strainer, but something with very small openings. See photo-the screen on right is a fine-mesh screen, not the one on the left.

4) Ladle or rubber spatula


1) Cut up any large berries and place them in the sauce pan with some sugar over low heat. Allow to cook until softened.

2) Carefully (hot!) pour berries into blender and blend until a uniform consistency. Over-blending will break up seeds and add a bitter flavor-not good.

3) Pour the blended fruit mixture into the fine-mesh screen and force the sauce through by swirling the ladle or spatula against the screen.

4) Taste and adjust sugar/lemon juice if necessary.
5) Allow to cool, pour into ziploc bags. Keeps in refrigerator for 3-5 days, in the freezer for 3-5 months. If you freeze the bags in a flat configuration as pictured, you can easily break off smaller pieces to thaw, instead of thawing the entire bag.