Cream-Filled French Toast Recipe

A Castle in the Country Classic. Our cream-filled French toast is made with our own sourdough bread to add a little sweet/sour balance.

Serves: 6-8


4 oz cream cheese
3T powderd sugar, vanilla infused if you have it
1t vanilla extract

French Toast
6 eggs-.75 egg per serving
1 C Heavy Cream or Half & Half
½ t vanilla extract
¼ t Ground Cinnamon
¼ t Ground Cardamom
8 double slices bread, 2 inches thick

Allow cream cheese to soften and mix all ingredients in a bowl

French Toast
1. Cut most of the way through the thick slices of bread to make a pocket
2. Whisk egg, cream, extract and spices in a shallow bowl
3. Soak bread in egg mixture an turn occasionally to coat until mostly absorbed, at least 5 min but may be as long as 15 minutes.
4. Cook on griddle
5. Top with fruit coulis and powdered sugar