Best Places to See Fall Foliage in Southwest Michigan

So many of our guests return to us each year to see the jaw-dropping fall foliage in southwest Michigan. Taking a drive through the winding roads with vibrant trees overhead or strolling through a leaf-coated understory is just so romantic. It is no wonder many of our guests come in the fall to romanticize the season and take a much-needed getaway before the cold winter months. This fleeting, magical season is always gone too soon. As it quickly approaches, we are happy to share some of the best places to see fall foliage in southwest Michigan.

Allegan State Game Area

The fall colors seem to explode each year in this local game area. Reds, oranges, yellows, and purples frame every road and encourage you to explore around every bend. See these spectacular Michigan colors from the window of your car, or walk hand-in-hand under the vibrant canopy of these 50,000+ acres of untouched forested wilderness! For a private and serene day date amongst the falling leaves, we recommend Allegan State Game Area. Feel free to ask us for a map and other recommendations!

Blue Star Highway

Indulge in an afternoon of the best of both worlds on the Blue Star Highway. Dunes, hiking trails, and a few pristine miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan provide a unique landscape for you and yours. The gentle lapping of the waves, backed by the foliage of the wooded terrain, truly gives guests the ultimate southwest Michigan experience without having to go too far! We recommend checking out both Saugatuck Dunes State Park and Van Buren State Park as you explore this unique highway. There are many panoramic views, bodies of water, and dunes to enjoy, perhaps with a picnic basket in hand or some freshly picked apples to go.

Kal-Haven Trail State Park

A personal favorite: Kal-Haven Trail State Park! Hikers, bikers, and trail runners alike flock to this stunning 33-mile stretch of trail along a former railroad. This trail is a guest favorite of the Castle because of its rolling farmland areas, wooded terrain, covered bridges, and small town stops along the way. You cannot go wrong in spending the day on Kal-Haven Trail, especially as the foliage explodes across the landscape.

Portman Nature Reserve

With easy-to-moderate trails and a picture-perfect boardwalk to stroll along, the Portman Nature Reserve is an excellent place for a leisurely date. Stroll hand-in-hand across the romantic boardwalk as you take in the fall colors and crisp autumn air. Why not take the afternoon to enjoy the pristine environments found in our local nature reserve? Plus, you never know what birds you will see in this protected area!

Allegan County Heritage Trail

This trail loops throughout Allegan County and hits a whopping 28 historical sites on the trail! While completing the whole route would call for a multi-day foliage viewing adventure, we are particularly fond of making a day out of 2-3 of the historical sites and stopping to take in the panoramic views along the way.


Fall at the Castle comes quickly, in big sweeping waves of color and crisp air. We hope this list of some of the best places to see fall foliage in southwest Michigan is helpful as you journey through our fabulous countryside. As always, we are happy to give further recommendations, help with maps, and answer any questions. Our staff at Castle in the Country are here to host your stay and help you “fall” in love with your romantic getaway.


Published September 2023