Blogging, facebook and Tweeting, oh my

Weeks have gone by since I wrote my first post and we have attended a B&B Conference in Georgia in the meantime. Almost every speaker talked about social networking, blogs and facebook and tweets. So now, we know we’re on “the right track” about creating a blog, but have no idea yet where this track leads.
I’ve been talking with guests and friends and family about all the benefits of getting familiar with this new technology and, just a little bit of time being a “bah-humbug” about not wanting to become a regular in the facebook, tweeting, blogging community. I think it just seems like one more task, but I’m seeing glimmers of how this will probably be something that again changes my life so much that within a few months I won’t be able to imagine not doing this…like being completely comfortable with having a cell phone that I am connected to 24-7 or having a web site that I spend several hours a week changing and referring guests to, etc…..
So, I’ll try to be an enlightened “old” person who is living life to the fullest, and not being left behind in the dust of the younguns.