Ripe red apples in an apple orchard

Your Guide to Apple-Picking in Southwest, MI

Yellow, green, and red, oh my! Fall is just around the corner, which brings one much-anticipated activity – apple picking. Round, shiny apples in various shades and varieties become ever abundant and evident in the surrounding Michigan orchards and farms from late August through October. Our Castle in the Country Bed & Breakfast, nestled in…

pot pie with carrots and green beens in brown bowl sitting on white plate dinner salad and crystal water goblet

Chicken and White Wine Pub Pie

Our chicken and white wine pub pie is a hearty, savory dish sure to please your family and friends. The addition of white wine adds a nice dimension of flavor to the sauce. Use whatever you like: sweet, dry, sherry, whatever your preference. Our favorites are purchased right here in Michigan from our local vineyards.…

Tomato Jam

Our delicious tomato jam recipe is actually a form of the common condiment ketchup. Besides the tomatoes, ketchup includes some kind of sweetener (usually corn syrup) balanced with an acid (usually vinegar), plus some spices (onion powder being the predominant favorite.) Here, we use lime juice as the acid, granulated sugar as the sweetener, and some…

Cherry chocolate scone

Cherry-Chocolate Cream Scones

  Most traditional scone recipes use both butter and milk or cream. For our Cherry-Chocolate Cream Scones, we’ve simplified the process by using only heavy cream, which also shortens the preparation process. The end result yields a crispy, more browned crust with a moist interior. Any dried fruit, such as cherries, apricots, or even raisins,…

Stuffed french toast with a side of ham

Cream-Filled French Toast

A Castle in the Country Classic. Our cream-filled French toast is made with our own sourdough bread to add a little sweet/sour balance. Diet: Vegetarian

Cherry and almond focaccia

Amaretto-Cherry Focaccia

Focaccia, normally a savory flatbread steeped in herbed olive oil, becomes a sweet pastry by using light oil, dried fruit, and a topping of sugar. We make it in a smaller pan, which results in taller, softer bread. Stopping the rise (by placing it in the refrigerator overnight) allows for better bread flavor development. Time…

Strawberry Coulis

Coulis is basically any sauce made from berries. We usually use strawberries, but raspberry coulis is the ‘red stuff’ that is often poured over cheesecake. Blackberries or blueberries also work well. It is ok to mix the berries into the same batch. This is pretty free-form, with no exact quantities of anything. This is an…

Baked Egg Custard with Cheese and Herbs

This quiche-like baked egg custard with cheese and herbs is delicious! Bake in batches; it holds well but long baking time. Variations of cheese/herbs have potential. Tried the smoked gouda, and everyone thought it was outstanding. Might also try cheddar with basil/parsley. Source: Gourmet Dec. 2008, pg 178 Diet: Gluten-free, Vegetarian