7 Top Southwest Michigan Wineries & Vineyards

Southwest Michigan has become well-respected in the wine world thanks to its glacial soils and lake effect. For instance, Lake Michigan’s climatic influence tempers the air along the shoreline regions, protects fall crops from early frosts, and prevents spring crops from blooming too early. Plus, lake effect snow insulates the vines from extremely cold winter temps. As a result, we have the perfect grape-growing terroir for fine wines. And we certainly have plenty of wineries and vineyards from which to choose. Of course, we have our favorites. Here are our guests’ 7 top Southwest Michigan wineries and vineyards to visit.

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  1. Fenn Valley

    Fennville, MI – 30 minutes
    Established in 1973, this family-owned and -operated vineyard and winery complex produces world-class wines with grapes grown along the shore of Lake Michigan on top of a large sand ridge between Black River and Kalamazoo River.

  2. Modales Wines

    Fennville, MI- 29 minutes
    Modales, pronounced “moh-dah-lehs,” literally translates to “Manners,” which are aptly ingrained in the way they run their business. A prime example is found in their vineyard, where they grow and care for grapes in an environmentally responsible manner. They specialize in small-batch, hand-crafted, estate-grown wines, including white, red, and sparkling, along with cider. You’ll savor every moment as you sip a glass of your favorite vino on their 2,800-square-foot patio overlooking their 76-acre farm.

  3. Virtue Cider

    Fennville, MI – 29 minutes
    Virtue Cider, which has been producing remarkable ciders since 2011, is not a winery per se. However, “Virtue’s bended ciders have layers that unfold like fine wines,” says Savaeur Magazine. That’s because cider is made like wine and never brewed. Thanks to Michigan’s prime location for apple-growing (similar climate to England and France), Virtue is able to produce the finest cider. In addition to apples, they use cherries, black currants, plums, pears. Together with French oak, bourbon and Brett barrels, you’ll detect subtle notes of vanilla, caramel, and charred oak, with finishes ranging from dry and minerally to crisp and refreshing.

  4. Crane’s Pie Pantry Restaurant & Winery

    Fennville, MI – 28 minutes
    Crane’s is a family-run restaurant and winery nestled in the rolling hills of the family fruit farm.

  5. St. Julian Winery

    Paw Paw, MI – 21 minutes
    It’s no wonder why St. Julian’s made the 7 top Southwest Michigan wineries and vineyards list. Family-owned and operated by the same family for four generations, St. Julian’s is the largest and most-awarded winery in Michigan. They are dedicated to only using Michigan State fruit. Plus, they make some of the finest distilled spirits and ciders, including vodka, rum, and award-winning brandies.

  6. Warner Vineyards

    Paw Paw, MI – 21 minutes
    Located downtown in an old 1898 water-works building, Warners is Michigan’s second oldest winery. In fact, for three generations the Warner family has been producing renowned wine. Most notably, their fine wines have been served at the White House and two Super Bowls. They produce French hybrid wines, two non-alcoholic sparkling fruit juices, and dessert wines (Cream Sherry and Grapes of Love). What’s more, they have four tasting rooms located in Paw Paw, Holland, Marshall and South Haven, or shop online.

  7. Lawton Ridge

    Kalamazoo, MI – 27 minutes
    Lawton Ridge offers a wonderful selection of wines made and bottled on the property.

    Couple drinking wine by the water at our romantic getaway in Michigan

Castle in the Country is the perfect addition to your winery tasting getaway. We are located in the countryside of Allegan, Michigan, just a short drive from the area wineries.

So, what are you waiting for? Book direct with us and enjoy 7 Southwest Michigan wineries and vineyards along with romantic and luxurious accommodations at Castle in the Country!