A Bicycle Trip to Saugatuck

This is Herb, co-owner of Castle in the Country. I usually write about my bicycle adventures in a different blog, Herb Bikes a Lot, but you might be interested in this ride which features some local attractions.

The distance to Saugatuck by this route is 33 miles, a 66 mile round trip. A map and turn by turn directions can be found on this link. The weather was perfect for a bicycle ride-sunny and mid-70s.

My first stop was after about 25 miles, at the new (and already expanding) cider house called Virtue Farms.

There is a tasting room where you can sample the goods. Their cider is inspired by old world (European) style barrel-aged apple cider. The founder and brew master has developed ciders he learned to brew on his travels to cider houses in England, Normandy (France) and Spain.

They will also draw a glass of cool and delicious cider that you can enjoy outside.

I was told there is a long standing association of bicycling and hard cider in Europe, especially In Spain. The alcohol content of 5.2% by volume (similar to beer) and it’s effect on my cycling speed dissuaded me trying any on this visit. But then, all those cyclocross racers might be on to something.

The location of Virtue Farms is only 1/4 mile from Fenn Valley Winery, so if you prefer wine over cider no worries.

A short ride of about 8 miles more took me to the Douglas and Saugatuck area, some of the way along the Kalamazoo River.

No pictures of Saugatuck, that’s another blog.

My return trip took me over an old turntable-swing bridge which has been converted to allow only bicycles and pedestrians in New Richmond.

There is an active railway bridge parallel that runs up to 40 trains per day, so this was a good place to stop for lunch. I love trains and love to be close by when they rumble past.

After lunch, on to Fennville, then home.

Oh, sweet corn is in season and available freshly picked everywhere. I passed about 30 opportunities like this one.

That was how I spent Saturday afternoon. This area has many great routes for cycling on the open road. If you are in the area next Saturday, August 17, the Lakeshore Harvest Country Bike Tour is a supported bicycle ride of up to 100 miles originating in South Haven and riding in this area.