Top Michigan Farmers Markets for the Best Produce

Michigan Farmers Markets Michigan Farmers Market At Castle in the Country Bed and Breakfast we have several farmers markets within a scenic 30 minute driving distance of the Inn and we’re excited to share the bounty of our local experience with our guests.  From the spring freshness of Rhubarb, to the juiciest blueberries of mid summer, to the crisp apple season of the fall, we offer a variety of fruits that come straight from our surrounding area farms to your table. With the rich Great Lakes surrounding the mitten, our soil is full of nutrients to grow bright and delicious produce. For our gourmet breakfasts, we use local fruit whenever possible, we grow herbs that will enhance the flavors and appearance of your food and we frequent the farmers markets so that we can feature a variety of hand picked vegetables and fruits in everything we serve to our guests.

Here’s a list of our favorite area markets that we frequent and recommend to our guests:

Allegan Farmer’s Market is located in downtown Allegan, MI on the corner of Water Street and Cutler Street. It is open on Thursdays from 8am until 2pm. This quaint farmer’s market has lots to offer.  For early spring, they are currently stocked with hanging baskets,Allegan Farmers market flower boxes, outdoor planters, and fresh herbs.  Several booths feature canned items like homemade salsas, local honey, and fruit jams from last year’s bounty and a few farmers are currently offering Spring veggies, including beautiful Michigan asparagus.

*Royal Recommendation: A lot of our floral arrangements in and outside the castle come from local farmers markets. From the pansies garnishing your breakfast entree, to the larger topiaries decorating the common areas, we love to bring our rural countryside inside to enhance your experience here at Castle in the Country.

Just east of Allegan  on M89 is Otsego Farmer’s Market. This market is located Allegan Farmers Market - Asparaguson the corner of Kalamazoo St. and Allegan St. If you’re an early riser on the weekends, this is a great spot for you! It is open from 8am-2pm on Saturdays. Coming up in June, the farmer’s market will also be open on Tuesday evenings from 4-7pm. They often have live music! Check out their Facebook page to see if they’ll have a musician when you plan on venturing through!

*Royal Recommendation:  We always recommend the best restaurants in our area featuring all the bounty of the local farms. Check out both Maude’s Tap House(Otsego, MI)  and Old Mill Brewery (Plainwell, MI) for casual, but great pub food, craft beers and spirits.  Feel free to ask if these pubs have local beers available in growlers or, ask if they will re-cork your wine selection so you can bring them back to your room or enjoy them out on the decks or in the gazebo here at the inn.

The largest farmer’s market in Kalamazoo is the Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market! This market is currently open only on Saturdays from 7am-2pm. but in June, it is also open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am-2pm. It is located downtown Kalamazoo on Bank St. This is the second largest farmer’s market in the state of Michigan. It’s a must see! If you’re debating about which market to go to on Saturday mornings, we can highly recommend this market.

Farmers markets in MichiganBeing the 2nd largest in the state, you’ll find some great produce but also clothing items, breads, baked goods (cookies!), and other handcrafted goodies.

*Royal Recommendation:  Guests may be hesitant to purchase some items from the farmers market during their visit because they may need to be refrigerated, but thankfully, we have some space for you to store any of your refrigerated items.  Many of the breads, baked goods, and even most vegetables will keep in your car/room to bring home after your stay. Just in case you weren’t able to make it to the Farmer’s market for fresh local cheeses, meats, etc. you might want to visit the Market at Food Dance.  This restaurant features all Michigan local and organic ingredients and is one of our top recommended restaurants!


If you head on Interstate 94 after Kalamazoo, you’ll also find Texas Township Farmer’s Market. It is currently open on Saturdays from 8am-12pm and will also be open on Tuesdays from 4-7pm starting in June. This market is located on West Q Street, which is south of I-94 and west of  U.S. 131. Here’s your one stop shop! You can get your groceries and grab your lunch or dinner too! This market offers meats, eggs, milk, and honey on top of fruits and veggies. Check out their jams and jellies selection too!

*Royal Recommendation: Did a friend, family member, or spouse get this bed and breakfast trip as a surprise for you?  Why not surprise them with some goodies? At this market, you can stop in and leave with gifts for your friends and family. Pick up some jams, jellies and other small thank you gifts for the loved one who helped you find our enchanted inn.

South Haven Farmers market

Just a 30 minute drive to the west of Castle in the Country, South Haven is located right on Lake Michigan. This small town offers so much to all in the summer time: spending your mornings at the farmers market, afternoon on the beach, and ending your day with a nice dinner and the sunset. It couldn’t get much better than that! South Haven Farmers Market is located on Phoenix Rd and Huron Street. It is open on Saturdays from 8am-2pm. Starting in June it will also open on Wednesdays with the same times.

*Royal Recommendation: South Haven is a cute little beach town. After venturing through the market and filling your totes, we recommend you walk the pier, see the lighthouse and enjoy Lake Michigan! As you drive back to Castle in the Country from South Haven, the route we will recommend to you will lead you through back roads and make it possible for you to enjoy the rural countryside.  We love that the location of our inn encourages you to slow down and relax as you venture through the most scenic Southwest Michigan areas dotted with pasture-land, small lakes and local towns.

Saugatuck Farmers market

Nestled on the shore line of Lake Michigan, the sister villages of Saugatuck and Douglas Michigan are almost always mentioned together and make up the most popular Beach town in the state.  Awarded “Best Weekend Getaway” by USA Today, and recipient of awards too numerous to mention, this artsy town’s market is located on Culver St. in the Saugatuck Center For the Arts parking lot. It is open on Fridays from 9am-3pm.

*Royal Recommendation:  On your way back to the inn from Saugatuck, take M-89 east and you’ll discover a restaurant featured on the Food Network! Stop into Salt of the Earth rustic eatery and bakery in Fennville. We love using the local resources to make your experience at our Inn as unique as possible and this restaurant does just the same! They fill all of their plates with fresh and local ingredients and bake all their bread on site. I promise that this restaurant will make a lasting impression!

Traveling north from Allegan along M-40 and then to North US 31, you’ll arrive in Holland, MI. Holland Farmer’s Market is located on west 8th street in downtown Holland. It is open on Wednesdays and SaturdaHolland Farmers Markety’s from 8am-3pm.  Holland’s Farmer’s Market offers much more than just the produce and plant stands of a typical farmers market. They have a Chef Series, similar to a cooking demo, on Saturday mornings at 10am. On some Wednesdays, they have educational and hands-on events for children of all ages.

*Royal Recommendation: The owners of the Castle in the Country are frequent visitors to this lovely farmers market. They lived and renovated their first home in the Historic District of Holland prior to opening Castle in the Country 24 years ago and still love to visit the town and their favorite haunts.  Along with many brew pubs, wineries and restaurants that dot the picturesque 8th Street, we highly recommend Boatwerks restaurant for lunch on their beautiful patio overlooking Lake Macatawa.


In order to make it easier on you as you make your way to the farmer’s market, here is a very helpful and handy list of what fruits and veggies will be ripe and ready and when!

Top Seasons for Which Produce

Best Months for Produce in Season

  • Apples: July – October                                    * Herbs: May-October
  • Arugula: May-September                               * Kale: June-November
  • Asparagus: April-June                                    * Leeks: August-October
  • Basil: July-September                                     * Lettuce – varietal: May-October
  • Beets: May-October                                         * Melons: July-September
  • Blackberries: July-August                              * Morels: Spring
  • Blueberries: July-August                                * Mushrooms: spring/fall
  • Broccoli: June-October                                   * Onions: August-October
  • Brussels Sprouts: August-November           * Parsley: May-September
  • Cabbage: June-November                              * Parsnips: April-May, October-Nov.
  • Cantaloupes: August-September                  * Peaches: July-August
  • Carrots: May-November                                 * Pears: August-October
  • Cauliflower: August-November                     * Peas: June-August
  • Celery: August-October                                   * Peppers: June-September
  • Chard: May-September                                   * Plums: July-August
  • Cherries: June-July                                          * Potatoes: July-November
  • Cilantro: June-September                              * Pumpkins: September-October
  • Corn: mid-June-mid-August                         * Radishes: May-October
  • Cucumbers: July-mid-October                      * Raspberries: June-August
  • Eggplant: July-mid-October                          * Rhubarb: April-June
  • Fava Beans: May                                               * Spinach: May-October
  • Fennel: June into the Fall                               * Summer Squash: July-October
  • Garlic: August-November                               * Winter Squash: August-November
  • Grapes: August-September                            * Strawberries: June-July
  • Green Beans: July-September                       * Tomatoes: July-October
  • Green Onions: June-September                   * Turnips: August-November
  • Greens – varietal: May-November                * Watermelons: August-September                                                                                   * Zucchini: July-October

Just as a friendly reminder, some fruits, veggies, and greens will fluctuate in times according to the weather. Root veggies (carrots, onions, potatoes, etc.) can be stored by the farmer on earlier occasions allowing he/she to sell them during the whole farmer’s market season.

Help support your farmers, craft men and women, bakers, and artisan makers and buy local!  Our rural location at Castle in the Country puts us right in the midst of Michigan’s best farmland and we feel blessed to serve you local and fresh ingredients, refer you to Michigan’s best Farm to Table restaurants, wineries and breweries and encourage you to make your own visit to the Spring and Summer delight of shopping the best Farmers Markets in Southwest Michigan.

Make your reservation this summer and visit the markets during your stay at the inn.  For a guide to all of these farmers markets with their dates, times and locations, and much more, please click here for our Events Calendar.  If you would like to keep the directions and websites for all of our Recommendations of Attractions right with you during your visit, please download our Interactive Adventure Map:

Take a ride through the country and see where it takes you!