Antique Market Show – Allegan County Fairgrounds

Annual Michigan Antique Show

Are you ever curious where Castle in the Country gets their furniture, artwork, and other antiques? Well the Allegan Antique Market, held on the last Sunday of every month April through September at the Allegan County Fairgrounds,  is our favorite “go to” spot! As you venture through both the Royalty Suite in the Castle and the Camelot Suite in the Castle Keep, you’ll see our love of antiques and we’ve decorated these two rooms with beautiful finds. The Royalty Suite has a 1920s Waterfall bedroom suite of three: the chest of drawers, a queen sized headboard and a highboy dresser. Each of the three is decorated with wrought iron handles and beveled glass mirrors. At the foot of the bed is also a vintage waterfall blanket trunk.

While venturing through Camelot, the whole room has a medieval grace that sweeps you off your feet. The high-rise vintage vanity paired with the beautifully carved king-size headboard and the matching bench decorate the room and make quite the statement. The medieval look for the Camelot suite is more welcoming then combative knowing that all of the beautiful furniture are antiques.

Both the Castle and the Castle keep are peppered with so many side tables, chairs, and lamps that we’ve found over the years at Michigan antique markets, but the Allegan Antique Market is where we always find our jackpot.


Happy 35th Anniversary to the Allegan Antique Show!Antique Show in Michigan

Insight on the Show: For 35 years, the show has been located on the Allegan County Fair Grounds. To this day, it has grown and expanded from a local antique market, to a state wide affair. Larry Wood and his wife Lori, owners of the show, have run many different other shows around the state, but this specific show is their pride and joy. From day one, Larry was a family man. He had his first show in June of 1978 with an entrance fee of only one dollar. During their first year of business, they held four shows each with over 200 vendors. Curious to how he was able to gain 200 vendors in the first year? Before Larry ran the show, he was a fireman for the city of Grand Rapids. After he retired, he began the show and hired a little 9 year old boy to help him with his errands. After 35 years, that 9 year old little boy is now the mayor of the city of Allegan. After meeting many people through being a fireman and with the help of his loving family, Larry was and is able to run a successful family business. As you drive into the gate, you’ll see retired fireman and cousins of Larry and Lori Wood showing you where to park. As you stroll through the 200+ booths on the inside and 200+ booths on the outside, you’re bound to see Larry and Lori making their rounds. They know every vendor by name! Finally, as you grab your collectibles, antiques, or just a simple lunch, the girls cashing you out at the end of your visit are Larry’s daughters and/or grandchildren. This is a solid run family business that will live on through the three generations currently making it what it is today. It is a power house antique show that will take you back in time for a whole day.

Bed and Breakfast in MichiganThe market opened in April but will be available for you on every last Sunday of the month until September. The market opens bright and early at 8am and closes at 4pm. The admission fee is $4 and there is fairgrounds food available for you to take a break for lunch as your venturing through the booths.

*Royal Recommendation: Plan to spend the day there! After taking a wonderful night’s sleep in one of our rooms on Saturday evening, have a relaxing breakfast and head to the fairgrounds. Find your treasures, let the booths throw you back in time and enjoy your day walking with a loved one. After heading to the fairgrounds, we then recommend heading to Salt of the Earth for dinner. Travel northwest on M-40 for 5 miles, and make a left onto M-89. After only 8 more miles of driving you’ll arrive at this rustic, local, farm fresh eatery and bakery.

If you are an antique lover like all of us here at Castle in the Country, we promise you Antique show in Allegan, MIwill find an antique in every room you step into. All of the items you will find at the show have a story, a past, and a memory behind them and we are blessed and honored to continue to show off the pieces we’ve decorated our buildings with. Being a family business here, we highly recommend giving back to the Wood family at the show. Take your time and enjoy!