Review of City Vu Bistro in Holland

We had lunch recently at City Vu Bistro a restaurant located on the top of City Flats Hotel in Holland, Michigan, about 35 minutes from our inn.

Probably the most appealing aspect of this venue is it’s view. There aren’t many tall buildings in Holland, perhaps this is the beginning of the “Holland skyline?” Anyway, this picture is of the downtown area, taken right from our table.

The decor is decidedly modern and clean, as shown below. The rest of the building, the lobby, lounge, and I would assume the guestrooms are all consistently in this kind of style. Maybe a little cold for some, but certainly one of the the hippest spots in Holland. This seems to be the second best thing, after the view, of this location.

Since this was just a light lunch, we did not order anything too large from their menu, which had many good things including multiple variations of flatbreads made on site. Pictured below is what we ordered: Mushroom ragout, Roasted tomato Soup, Mixed Greens with roasted beets and fennel. While the food was certainly good, it didn’t seem like the most wonderful part of our visit. Go for the view, enjoy the clean and modern atmosphere, and have some good food while you are here.

Here’s the google map:

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If you have some experience here, please comment to keep these reviews balanced.

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