Kollen Park in Holland Michigan

If you need a break from the crowds of tulip time in Holland, or any time you want to stop shopping or dining in Holland, we recommend a visit to Kollen Park. Located on Lake Macatawa, a short drive from downtown Holland and about 35 minutes from our inn.

Ruth and I frequently visit the park to spend some quiet time together. For us, it brings back many memories of the time we lived a few blocks away and would often walk there. We even visited this park when we we dating, so many years ago. Ruth’s relatives would often spend a summer evening on lawn chairs neat the bandshell listening to concerts. The bandshell can be seen in the photo above and is still used for concerts. There is a statue set giving tributes to the Dutch (something we are happy to see, since both Ruth and I are children of dutch immigrants.)

There is an extensive system of boardwalks and sidewalks in both directions along Lake Macatawa from the Park so you can stroll along, catching the breeze from the lake. Very Romantic.

Please share your experiences of Kollen Park with us.

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