Fenn Valley Extended Vineyard Tours

Guests at Castle in the Country may be interested in Fenn Valley Winery‘s Extended Vineyard Tour Tickets.

Available only on a first come, first serve basis, we have the well-sought-after tickets to the Fenn Valley Winery Extended Vineyard Tour. This tour provides a marvelous way to hear right from the Winemaker about the growing, picking and wine development processes used at FennValley. The One hour & 45 minute tour through the scenic vineyards provides an opportunity for you to taste the grapes and sip the wine produced by those grapes at our favorite and Michigan’s 2nd largest winery.

Tickets are available to our Lodging Guests on the following dates:
September 26, October 2 or October 13.

Doug Welsch, owner and winemaker of Fenn Valley Winery, waxes eloquent about growing wine grapes.

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