Secret Ingredients

No shortage of interesting things coming from the good earth here in SW Michigan. Kale, Savoy Cabbage, Turnips, Leeks, Brussel Sprouts, and Asian and European Pears. The bumpy green orb is an Osage Orange-not edible but it looks interesting.  

Winter descends on the Castle in the Country Kingdom

Winter is quietly descending on the Castle Kingdom. There are signs all around, like the Canada Geese overhead in their perfect V formation or, the sandhill cranes grouping together and creating a beautiful ever widening spiral up as they disappear from sight. The pond is very peaceful now with most of the water ducks having…

The Secret Ingredients Plan

Pears! Maybe I got a little carried away, but they had an assortment of Asian, d’Anjou, Bosc, and Red Bartlett. I have them out in the kitchen ripening. Thinking about freshly sliced Asian pears with the salad greens and a Dijon vinaigrette. Maybe some toasted walnuts? Since I have so many, they will also be…

This Week’s Secret Ingredients

Winter squash, Sprouts, Leeks, and Italian Cauliflower from Boeve Farm. Organic Salad Greens and Kale from Eaters Guild, Nittany and Courtland apples and a wide variety if Pears from Fenville. We’re off to a good start. (Sent from my BlackBerry)

What would you call this?

Herb designed this great Pergola and it is the pathway to the trails. ¬†Perfect Pergola…course some of our guests need to know what a pergola is, how about you? Completed the stainless cables for trumpet vine (front) and holly (back.) So, is it an Arbor? a Pergola? Pergatorium? Coffee percalator?…. (Sent from my BlackBerry)

Signs of Seasons Change at Castle in the Country

As I walk through the woods here, the Canada Geese are honking to each other overhead, making quite a racket. There must be at least a hundred overhead, flying in multple V-shaped groups against the overcast sky. Then they are gone and all you can hear is the wind. Aiko the Poodle is chasing squirrels,…

Paw Paw fruit

Found a few Paw Paws on the taller plants. Hope to have a taste when they ripen. (Sent from my BlackBerry)

Our coffee thingie- One Cup Beverage Maker

The Flavia machine and coffee/tea packets. We have recently added a few teas such a white tea and orange, rooibos ,malawi, and chai. More info at We seem to be accumulating these from family and friends who don’t want to purchase the unique packets-we are up to 4 machines. (Sent from my BlackBerry)