A year in Review

It’s been a full year since I started working at Castle in the Country, and every day has been a learning experience. I’ve been able to meet so many great people throughout the year, whether it’s during guest check in, at breakfast, or just in passing. It seems that every day there is something new and exciting going on! What makes everything so successful is the team work between Ruth, Herb, and myself. They have taught me so much throughout this year, and everything that we do is really a team effort. We hold weekly meetings to discuss everything from guest service, to creating new and exciting packages for our guests. Our goal in the meetings is really to discuss how we can continue to make Castle in the Country better. Ruth and Herb share so much information with me including restaurant reviews, and information about the local towns which allows me to guide our guests to the best areas during their stay.

Decorating has been such a fun experience. I’ve been able to watch Ruth completely
re-do two of our rooms Heron and Bittersweet. I’ve also watched her change out furniture, and move it from room to room giving each room a fresh new look. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

I work with such wonderful people, who are not only my co workers, but my friends. Being around such a fun group has made each day at Castle in the Country a fun, and exciting experience.