New Deneen Pottery Hand-thrown Mugs at Castle in the Country

We are excited about our first shipment of handthrown mugs from Deneen Pottery. (on the right.) These are hand made in St. Paul Minnesota and feature our logo cut into the clay and filled with glaze. They are very, very durable.

Many guests collect mugs of Inns they have visited, both as a reminder of their time at the Inn and as a display of the craftmanship of the potter.

We think these mugs are a vast improvement and well worth the price of $15. We have this mug pictured next to our older style mug: machine made in China, decal overlay logo, rather fragile, but only $5. Which one would you rather have available here at Castle in the Country? If you like the new style, they will be available here to our guests in both the “Fieldstone” glaze and a flat black. If you like the older style, they are still available while supplies last.