Staying Connected: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr

We have made a few changes this month to the way we connect with our guests.The main focus of our blog, Within the Castle Kingdom, is about things here at Castle in the Country-spa services, cooking/recipes, nature activities, decorating…basically anything that involves your experiences at Castle in the Country. We just added a google map called the “Kingdom Map” (see the ‘google earth’ version above.) This shows the general layout of the grounds including the walking trails and picnic areas. All entries here forward to our facebook fan page so if you are a fan, you will see them.

In addition, we just launched another blog called Romantic Ramblings. This will focus on things for couples to do within a half-hour radius of the Inn. Expect to see reviews of restaurants, wineries, nature activities, etc. We always check these venues out before recommending them to our guests, and now we will be blogging about them. It’s a tough and brutal job being an innkeeper: reviewing restaurants, tasting wine, seeing the sights…but I think we are up to it. This blog also has a google map we call our “Adventure Map.” Although we just have a few entries so far, you might want to check it out and RSS feed it so you can keep up. It is out there for anyone who may be visiting our area, not just our guests.

We see our Fan Page on Facebook as a way to interact with you, our guests past, present, and future. Look for more interaction with you as we set up contests, ask about future activities we may offer, and yes, we do intend to make special offers to our fans once our online booking system is set up to allow for this.

We have just started to use our account on Twitter in earnest. Follow us there to keep up with scheduled things for couples to do in the same area as our Romantic Ramblings blog. We keep up with this for our guests anyway, so it is a natural thing for us to spread the word about happenings via twitter. Again, this would be helpful to anyone visiting the area, not just our guests.

Lastly, we take a lot of pictures here at Castle in the Country. These are being moved to “” on Flickr.

So many ways to keep in touch.