Recipe for Brownies with Bacon

There seems to be an increasing use of bacon in sweet dessert items like chocolate brownies. The combination of smokey, salty bacon with sweet, rich chocolate is better than it may sound at first.

So, we thought it would be fun to try this pairing as part of our in room dinner . Pretty easy to make, loosely following a recipe I found on a “Bacon Today” Posting by Micheal Kirsch. I used a prepared brownie mix from the box and added our thick-cut bacon, After trying it this way, I think it would be even easier if you cut the bacon up into small peices and throw them into the batter. I think substituting the oil with rendered bacon fat is also a good idea. So, next time. Doing it this way is much more photogenic, though.
Does this look like something you would like to have for dessert?

Fixings for one batch of your favorite brownies

6-8 slices bacon (cut into small pieces if you like)

1) Heat the bacon slowly over low heat until partially rendered. Bacon should be slightly browned but still rather soft. Place on paper towels to aborb excess fat.

2) Meanwhile, mix your brownie batter and preheat the oven according to the recipe

3) Spread about half the batter into your baking pan

4) Layer the bacon (I used nine slices-sort of overkill. Eight would be plenty and six will still give you the a good flavor combination.)

5) Top with the remaining batter
6) Bake according to brownie recipe

7) Enjoy!