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Today’s breakfast entree was made with guilt-free Hollandaise. I stopped using the Knorr mix and whipped up a batch from scratch instead. Simple-egg yolks, butter, and a little lemon juice and hot sauce. Food is always better when made with … Continue reading

Recipe for Baked Pears in Honey-Mint Sauce

Baked Pears in Honey-Mint Sauce Comments: Be sure to adjust baking time according to how ripe the pears are. This recipe actually works better with hard, less ripe pears. Ingredients4 Pears6 stems fresh mint4T honey2T butter¼ t ground cinnamon¼ t … Continue reading

Bradford Pears in bloom at the Castle Keep

The Bradford pears in bloom.  Another beautiful sign of spring. Sent from my BlackBerry Smartphone provided by Alltel

Recipe for Grilled Bruschetta

Grilled Bruschetta(Most of us say Broo-shetta, but an Italian corrected me to say Broos-ketta. However you say it, simple and delicious) Comments: Easy to do on the grill, which adds a smokey flavor that can’t be replicated any other way. … Continue reading

Spring at Castle in the Country

The Forsythia is in full glory. Here are a few pictures of wildflowers we saw on our walk today: Spring Beauty in bloom next to bloodroot (I think) in bud. Trout Lilly leaf in lower left corner. The common violet. … Continue reading

Recipe Strawberry Coulis

Recipe for Fruit Coulis (pronounced Coolee) Coulis is basically any sauce made from berries. We usually use strawberries, but raspberry coulis is the ‘red stuff’ that is often poured over cheesecake. Blackberries or blueberries also work well. It is OK … Continue reading

Recipe for Cream Filled French Toast

Cream Filled French Toast Comments: A Castle in the Country Classic. Made with our own sourdough bread to add a little sweet/sour balance. Serves: 6-8 Ingredients: Filling4 oz cream cheese3T powderd sugar, vanilla infused if you have it1t vanilla extract … Continue reading

Recipe for Baked Egg Custard with Cheese and Herbs

Baked Egg Custard with Cheese and Herbs Source: Gourmet Dec. 2008, pg 178 Comments: quiche-like. Bake in batches-holds well, but long baking time. Variations of cheese/herbs has potential. Tried the Smoked Gouda this morning and everyone thought it was outstanding. … Continue reading

Blogging, facebook and Tweeting, oh my

Weeks have gone by since I wrote my first post and we have attended a B&B Conference in Georgia in the meantime. Almost every speaker talked about social networking, blogs and facebook and tweets. So now, we know we’re on … Continue reading