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Grilled Brussel Sprouts

Dinner included grilled Brussels Sprouts-very tasty!

Amaretto Cherry Focaccia

Focaccia, normally a savory flatbread steeped in herbed olive oil, becomes a sweet pastry by using light oil, dried fruit, and a topping of sugar. We make it in a smaller pan, which results in a taller, softer bread. The … Continue reading

Eaters guild

Just signed a winter CSA with these folks from Bangor.

What’s in season today

Brussels Sprouts are just beginning, Pomes (apples,pears), winter squash, and leeks.

Caramelized Onions

Comments: It may seem unnecessary to go through all this for just onions, but the end result is truly worth the time. The vinegar adds an acidic punch, the sugar makes these sweeter than they naturally would become, and the … Continue reading

Don’t put that in your mouth-you don’t know where its been!

Here at Castle in the Country, our approach to food has always been focused on using fresh and whole ingredients. This is rooted in a belief that the less processed ingredients are, the better their flavor and nutritional value. The … Continue reading

Easy Peasy Grilled Shrimp

This simple and quick recipe is part of our Friday Evening Appetizer gathering almost every week. I like it because it is so easy, but our guests like it because it tastes really good. The excessive amount of oil creates … Continue reading

Today’s breakfast entree was made with guilt-free Hollandaise. I stopped using the Knorr mix and whipped up a batch from scratch instead. Simple-egg yolks, butter, and a little lemon juice and hot sauce. Food is always better when made with … Continue reading

Recipe for Baked Pears in Honey-Mint Sauce

Baked Pears in Honey-Mint Sauce Comments: Be sure to adjust baking time according to how ripe the pears are. This recipe actually works better with hard, less ripe pears. Ingredients4 Pears6 stems fresh mint4T honey2T butter¼ t ground cinnamon¼ t … Continue reading

Recipe for Grilled Bruschetta

Grilled Bruschetta(Most of us say Broo-shetta, but an Italian corrected me to say Broos-ketta. However you say it, simple and delicious) Comments: Easy to do on the grill, which adds a smokey flavor that can’t be replicated any other way. … Continue reading